Use Gamification to Boost Digital Transformation in Higher Education

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Educause research indicates over 75% of institutions are currently pursuing Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives on their campus, with this number recently skyrocketing due to the immediate shift to remote learning forced by COVID-19. While Digital Transformation may come in many forms, a core tenant of success is digital literacy and technology adoption.

Institutions must prepare long-term strategies for both deploying innovative digital tools and motivating staff, faculty, and students to learn, adopt, and champion technology. Research-proven techniques like Gamification will be a game-changer for successful Digital Transformation initiatives by recognizing, engaging, and challenging team members to adopt tools.

Join educator and gamification guru, Karl Kapp, Ph.D., as he shares:

- Modern research supporting the impact of gamification on learning outcomes

- Proven challenges and opportunities introduced by the current climate of digital transformation

- Gamification learning techniques institutions can apply immediately to boost digital literacy


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