Use Gamification to Boost Digital Transformation in Higher Education

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Discover how gamification can be used to boost digital transformation in higher education. Access resources and learn more with Kuali Build.

Gamification is an increasingly popular approach to engaging users and promoting behavior change. In higher education, gamification can be used to boost digital transformation and encourage adoption of new technologies.

Here are some ways that gamification can be used to promote digital transformation in higher education:

  • Encouraging Adoption: By using gamification, institutions can make the adoption of new technologies more engaging and rewarding for users, encouraging them to try new tools and platforms.
  • Training and Professional Development: Gamification can also be used to create engaging and interactive training and professional development programs for staff and faculty, helping them to learn new skills and technologies in a fun and engaging way.
  • Student Engagement: Gamification can be used to enhance the student experience, by providing students with interactive and engaging experiences that make learning more fun and effective.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Gamification can also be used to track user behavior and engagement, providing institutions with valuable insights into how users are interacting with their technology and systems.

By using gamification to promote digital transformation, institutions can create a more engaging and rewarding experience for users, while also promoting the adoption of new technologies and improving outcomes. If you're interested in learning more about how Kuali's solutions can help your institution to promote digital transformation, be sure to check out Kuali's resources and solutions today.


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