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Make the process visible.

Effectively manage your curriculum through transparent and easy-to-use workflows with Kuali Curriculum. Our curriculum management software for higher education gives your team the ability to highlight dependencies, ensuring your students avoid hidden requirements that can delay graduation.

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A single source of truth for your curriculum data

In higher education institutions, curriculum is ever-evolving, and you need to be able to keep up with those changes at all times. Kuali Curriculum offers a single place to manage and view all of your curriculum data. When this information is available in one location, you can better meet accreditation requirements and stay informed on possible impacts between departments. Kuali’s curriculum management tool shows you the information you need, and doesn’t hinder your operations with extra data and unnecessary features.

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Powerful Workflow lets you spend less time on buy-in.

Why invest in curriculum management software for your higher education institution if you can’t actually use it? Kuali Curriculum compliments your existing technology to ensure smooth sailing after implementation. You’ll maintain all the features you currently appreciate about your operations, and gain powerful software tools that empower your institution. And because Kuali’s curriculum management support system was designed especially for higher education users, onboarding is simple and seamless. Your staff can begin using it immediately and as often as they choose.

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Personalize Your Perfect Fit

Chances are, your institution already has set processes that keep your workflow functioning. With Kuali’s university curriculum management software, seamless integration is the key to success. Kuali Curriculum can communicate and integrate with any other system your campus uses, including customized and extensive off-the-shelf systems. Our solution also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, so your team is more productive and your data is more accurate.

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Value Through Visibility

Do you have a clear understanding of what’s holding your departments back? Kuali Curriculum provides unmatched transparency, so you can understand exactly where your team’s roadblocks lie, and how to remove them. With total visibility into your institution’s workflow, you won’t waste time filtering data — you’ll be freed up to focus on the things that matter most. We also value transparency in our own curriculum management system development, and we’re open to your feedback or input any step of the way.

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Success Powered by Partnerships

Kuali believes that success comes from working together, and that’s why we work with you to find real solutions that work for everyone. Our team is available to you every step of the way, not exclusively during the onboarding process. We connect you with our community of institutions just like yours, giving you access to a unique support system of like-minded professionals. We know things can change quickly, and we’re here to support you if they do.

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