Your work isn’t siloed. Why should your software be?

Kuali’s solutions are built on a single, powerful, flexible platform. This means that while each solution is purpose-built to support a particular need within higher ed, they are united by a common user experience and set of capabilities, like:
Form Builder
Workflow Designer
Document Manager
ROBUST Permissions

Scalable & Integrated

Our platform grows with you. Automate a single process or achieve digital transformation across campus.

Easy to Expand

You’ll have a unique ability to expand and automate additional processes without needing to burden engineering resources on campus. Unlock other Kuali solutions with ease, or leverage Kuali Build, our no-code forms and workflow tool to extend your solution.

Easy to Train

The more you expand your use of Kuali, the easier training becomes across campus, ensuring that as faculty and staff interact with different processes and departments, they’ll already know how to do their work.

Easy to Use

Your end users will have a unified, holistic experience, whether they are submitting a course proposal or a grant proposal, preparing a business continuity plan, a program change request, a leave of absence form, a protocol, or any other process you choose to digitize. Each user has a single action list. Regardless of what department a task, approval request, or notification originates from, they all land in a single, easy-to-navigate work queue.

Easy to Connect

Our platform’s powerful integration capability unlocks business-critical data and makes it available safely and securely to your non-technical application administrators across departments, allowing you to have a single source of truth that can be tapped by any number of business areas.

Rapid Access to New Capabilities

Because we can build something once and deploy it efficiently across the platform, we can quickly add new features to all our products.  That way, you’ll get more out of the software you’ve purchased. And when new features are ready, we ship them. No complex upgrade path to manage, no custom code to reconcile.
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