Kuali Sponsored Programs

The heart of your research enterprise.
Ease the burden for researchers with a streamlined proposal development experience. Guide them through the process with easy-to-navigate forms and embedded help.
Gather the approvals you need with powerful, configurable workflow. Manage your team's workload with administrative tools and insights.
Capture key award information, track changes over time, and integrate with your financial system for a seamless post-award process.
Track negotiation activity, manage subawards, and create processes for NDAs, MTAs, and other types of agreements.
It's not always about research. Training, public service, and other scholarly activities are important too. Keep everything in one place with our flexible solution.

What's in the box?

Our intuitive Form Designer and powerful Workflow Builder allow you to configure and maintain the software independently over time. Modify the data types below and even create additional data types to meet your unique needs!

Sponsored Proposals

Create proposals, route them internally for review and approval, track their submission to the sponsor, and capture post-submission activities such as just-in-time and revised budget requests.

Budget Creator

Develop detailed budgets with our powerful, yet easy to use budget engine. With the familiar look and feel of a spreadsheet and the strength of your pre-configured rates and expense categories, we provide support for your most-complex scenarios. You’ll have an error-free budget in no time.


Our unique approach to S2S means your researchers use the same, familiar interface whether the proposal requires S2S or not. We handle all the complexity, leaving your researchers and administrators free to focus on other tasks.


Capture data and track activities related to agreement negotiations, whether contracts, MTAs, NDAs, or other types of agreements.


Establish a system of record for award information, including key award data, terms and conditions, and required deliverables.  Manage changes over the life of an award, track account distributions, and keep award documents in a single location.


Track data related to outgoing subawards and link subaward records to the associated award. Track invoicing associated with outgoing subawards.

Add-on to customize YOUR system

Need to capture additional data? No problem! It's easy to add forms & workflows that extend our products and make them more powerful for your specific needs. Some examples:
Facility use application
Researcher gift routing
No cost extension request
PI eligibility form
equipment use form
advance account request
project closure form
notice of intent to submit proposal

What makes us different?

Here are just a few of the key things that help Kuali Sponsored Programs stand out.
Easy to use interface ensures that PIs and administrators understand what to submit.
Flexible, configurable forms and workflow make it easy to adapt when regulations change.
Shared configuration lets you keep track of sponsor, subawardee, and person data.
Deep integration with other parts of the Kuali suite supports complex processes across multiple offices.
Insights dashboard provides quick access to key data.
Modern APIs support integration with other campus systems.
World-class implementation and support, all handled in-house by the Kuali team.
Secure, performant SaaS and continuous delivery mean there are no upgrades to worry about.
Sophisticated Group and Role Management.
Intuitive Budget Creator helps make complex scenarios easy to manage.
Institutional Branding for a familar look and feel.

It’s About Community

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying.
The closeness of the relationship with Kuali exceeds that of our typical software vendors. This partnership sets the tone for how we work with partners and vendors.
Kevin Chou, Deputy CIO
UC San Diego
The support from KualiCo was great. It really did make the transition as smooth as possible.
Lori Burchard, Director, Sponsored Programs
Kent State University
We’re getting better work out of our team rather than just busy work.
Dan Perry, Director of Research Administration Systems
Utah State University
“We always get quick responses from the support team. They always do their best to show us how to do things or how to resolve our issues.  Great folks!”
Customer Feedback
University of Maryland, College Park
The Kuali implementation manager and engineer we worked with were great... The implementation was a lot easier than what I anticipated.
Scott Sandlin, eRA Data Systems Engineer
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
The Kuali Research interface is so much more intuitive than our previous system, and the time to train end users has been cut in half.
Janet Simons, Director, Research Policy and Training
University of Maryland, Baltimore
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Our Fav Features

If we were going to sum it up, we'd highlight:

Form Builder & Workflow Designer

Flexible, easy-to-use form builder and powerful workflow designer to support your unique processes and needs.

Data Access for Key Stakeholders

Document dashboard and clear status information provides transparency and visibility of data to key stakeholders.

Modern Integration Capability

Deep integration across products to support flexible data sharing. Comprehensive API integration capability ensures you can connect with other systems on campus.

Learn More

Dive into the resources below to learn how our solutions can help you do something remarkable.