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Simplifying Higher Education Administration 

Solutions that help you focus on what matters most.

Kuali creates modular, cloud-based software that’s beautifully designed and easy to use. We’re developing simpler ways for you to manage what has become amazingly complex. And we’re making our solutions affordable so that you can focus your time and resources on the real business of higher education: teaching, learning, and research.

Be Liberated
Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management

Solutions to help you simplify curriculum and catalog management.

Be Brilliant
Kuali Research

Solutions to help you grow your capacity for knowledge discovery.

Be Powerful
Kuali Build

Design and build the apps you need with no programming.

Be Certain
Kuali Financials

Solutions to help you manage with certainty.

Be Resilient
Kuali Ready

Solutions to help you be more prepared.

Simplifying Higher Ed Administration

Designed and developed with you in mind

Kuali provides colleges and universities with cost-effective, SaaS delivered, open source administrative software built by higher education, for higher education. The distinctive advantages we offer for colleges and universities are:

  • Thoughtfully designed software exclusively for colleges and universities. Our products are designed and developed by experts with a community of deeply engaged users from leading institutions.
  • Cost-effective, secure, and continuously-enhanced SaaS delivery. We take the hassle and cost out of installing, maintaining, securing, and upgrading software. We also provide consulting and services for system development and implementation.
  • Low risk. Our community and open source model minimize institutional risk. To help protect the long-term interests of our customers we ensure that both data and application source code are available. Coupled with a community of more than one hundred engaged institutions, this provides a level of resiliency unmatched by other companies.
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More than 150 colleges and universities trust Kuali

A few of Kuali’s customers

With more than 150 institutions using Kuali products and services, Kuali is honored to help strengthen and grow a community that is making a difference and shaping the future of technology in higher education.



The Kuali Research community liked the clean design of the previous Protocols module, but wanted more control and easy access to more detailed information.


Focusing on the user experience, usability improvements help higher education researchers spend less time on administration and more time on research.

Kuali & You

See how different institutions are using Kuali solutions to succeed
East Carolina University

East Carolina University

Surviving a Hurricane with Plans in Kuali Ready

Colorado State University

Colorado State University

Using Kuali Financials to Build A Better Future

Clemson University

Clemson University

Empowered by Advanced Continuity Planning

Brigham Young University Provo

Brigham Young University Provo

Streamlining Curriculum Management

Indiana University

Indiana University

Saved $15-20 Million Using Kuali Financials

Portland State University

Portland State University

Increasing Capacities with Kuali Research

Towson University

Towson University

Improving a Research Enterprise with Kuali

California State University—Monterey Bay

California State University—Monterey Bay

Streamlining Pre-award, Post-award, and Compliance Management

Colorado State University-Pueblo

Colorado State University-Pueblo

Streamlining Sponsored Program and Compliance Management

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University

Managing a Growing Research Enterprise with Kuali

University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Streamlining Sponsorship and Compliance Management

Utah State University

Utah State University

Managing Proposal Filing and Improving Efficiencies

Why Kuali?

Kuali is different in many ways.

Kuali is community: The brightest ideas from a community of your peers, developed and managed by people who put customers first.

Kuali works: We continuously deliver Kuali software so that your users always have the best, most productive tools every day.

Kuali is flexible: Cloud-based and modular, and amazingly configurable. You choose the solutions and functionality you need, when you need them.

Kuali is affordable: So you can accomplish more with your resources.

Kuali is open: To protect your long-term investment, we make certain that you’ll always have access to your data, and our code — everything you need for a viable exit strategy. You retain control.

Kuali is delightful: The right solutions, beautifully designed and supported by a brilliant and dedicated team.

Kuali simply makes sense: When it comes to the business of higher education, you deserve better. That’s why we’re building a company with bright, enthusiastic employees whose single focus is to help you manage complexity – simply.

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