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A platform for the future of higher education

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Harness the power of the Kuali platform with solutions crafted for your department:

Information Technology

Accelerate digital transformation across campus with Kuali Build — a powerful no-code forms and workflow automation tool designed specifically for higher education.

Research Administration & Compliance

Elevate research administration with Kuali Research, our next-generation enterprise research administration & compliance product suite.

Registrar’s & Provost’s Office

Empower academic leaders with Kuali Student, our next-generation curriculum and catalog management product suite.

Financial Affairs

Improve your institution's financial efficiency with Kuali Financials, the cloud-based solution tailored for higher education.

Risk Management

Stay current with Kuali Ready, the only business continuity planning software designed exclusively for higher education.

Everyone Else!

Kuali Build, our no-code forms and workflow tool, designed specifically for higher education, can help you eliminate PDFs and digitize your department!
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Kuali was born from higher ed, and our distinct community partnership approach helps us create delightful, configurable software. Kuali is trusted by over 200 institutions, ranging from small colleges to large public universities and entire systems. Our solutions have earned the confidence of diverse educational leaders, making us a safe choice for institutions of all sizes.

Whether you're a small community or a sprawling educational powerhouse, we understand your unique needs. Our track record spans institutions of all sizes and complexities, proving us as a reliable partner. Explore the range of institutions that have chosen us as their trusted ally.


Learn what it's like to work with Kuali.
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Tools built with you in mind

Nothing in higher ed happens in a silo. Communicate and collaborate across boundaries with our purpose-built products united by a deeply-integrated platform. Configure, extend, connect and scale within your department and beyond. Manage your unique needs and challenges quickly and powerfully with our range of tools meticulously designed with higher education in mind.

Form Designer

Discover the ease of creating forms with our powerful drag & drop Form Designer, equipped with a variety of field types to meet your every need. You can even dynamically pull in data from external sources, ensuring accuracy and real-time information at your fingertips. Whether you’re handling small tasks or managing extensive projects, our form designer is here to streamline and enhance your data collection process effortlessly.

A screenshot showing our drag-and-drop form designer.

Kuali Hub

Welcome to our user-friendly launch screen, the Kuali Hub, a seamless interface allowing you to launch, configure, and organize apps with ease. Tailor your spaces with apps and integrations suited for specific groups, ensuring a customized and efficient experience for every user.

A screenshot showing our hub launch screen. Shows a number of app icons as well as spaces that things can be launched from.
A screenshot showing how a user can switch between our different product suites easily.

Product Suites

Discover our product suites, crafted for higher education departments. They merge apps, dashboards, and data in a tailored experience. Every resource is organized and at your fingertips, providing a seamless blend of functionality and simplicity, enabling efficient navigation and management of your essential workflow tools in one cohesive environment.

A screenshot of our workflow designer that shows how someone can drag and drop new workflow steps into their designer.

Workflow Designer

Meet our Drag & Drop Workflow Designer, a tool where flexibility meets power, enabling you to construct robust workflows with ease. It's not just a designer; it's a builder allowing seamless creation of adaptable and intricate workflows, ensuring every process is streamlined and efficient, giving you the ultimate control over your workflow dynamics in one intuitive interface.

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Implementation & Onboarding

Our Customer Success Team understands that success requires adoption! We have experience working with all types of institutions, and we know how to adapt our implementation services to what your institution needs.
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Customer Support

Kuali’s US-based support team delivers 24/7 support to system administrators. With our lightning-fast response time, we’ll get you the information you need to get back to work right away! Our comprehensive online support portal provides access to a vast knowledge library of functional and technical training videos and documentation.

Create software that customers love…

Your institution's success and the pursuit of excellence in higher education drive every line of code we write, every feature we develop, and every solution we provide. At Kuali, your mission is our mission, and together, we're helping you stay focused on your goals with software that customers genuinely love.


We foster a vibrant and collaborative community, where institutions come together through events like our annual customer conference, Kuali Days, to connect, share insights, and build lasting relationships.
Learning isn't just a one-way street; we not only empower our customers to learn from each other but also actively engage in listening and learning from their valuable experiences.



Continuous innovation is at our core. We embrace the value of iteration, constantly experimenting, learning from results, and evolving our solutions to drive positive change.
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