Give your instructors the tools they need to create syllabi with ease.
Create & maintain flexible templates for syllabus creation.
Build, review, collaborate and iterate on syllabi.
Duplicate and update syllabi to make changes with ease.
Capture approvals with dynamic, multi-branched workflows.
Manage regulations and policies centrally, while providing faculty control over content.

An Academic Roadmap

A well-constructed syllabus helps students find the path to success.

Provide Critical Support for Learning

Ensure that syllabi support students' experience in the classroom by including all they information they need, not only about course content but about all relevant academic policies.

Standardize Curriculum

A centralized syllabus management process helps make sure that each course meets appropriate academic standards and learning outcomes.

Streamline the Accreditation Process

Official documentation for the course content and structure simplifies the accreditation process by making it easy to access required information.

What makes us different?

Here are just a few of the key things that help Kuali Syllabus Management stand out.
Create & maintain flexible templates for syllabus creation.
Build, review, collaborate and iterate on syllabi.
Capture approvals with dynamic, multi-branched workflows.
Manage regulations and policies centrally.
Create new versions of syllabi to make changes with ease.
Innovative workflow simulator helps you test your workflow before publishing.
Integrate with Kuali Curriculum Management and SIS.
World-class implementation and support, all handled in-house by the Kuali team.
Sophisticated Group and Role Management.
Configurable insights dashboard.

Add-on to customize YOUR system

Need to capture additional data? No problem! Kuali is extensible and makes it easy to add functionality that extends our products and makes them more powerful for your specific needs. Some examples:
Transcript request
program change
Add/drop Form
Major declaration
study abroad checklist
degree verification
transfer course approval
withdrawal form

It’s About Community

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying.
We now have a database with all of our curriculum records, which is something that our institution has never had before. That’s a wonderful asset.
Laurie Barnas, Associate Registrar
University of Victoria
[Kuali] felt familiar even though it was not a system we had worked with before.
Ashley Rogers Assistant Registrar, Curriculum Management
Murray State University
I don't think the curriculum office could have kept up this year if we didn't have Kuali.
Mike O'Connor, System Analytics Director, University Registrar's Office
Southern New Hampshire University
The beauty of Kuali is that we’re always looking at the right proposal. There’s no chance that somebody is looking at an outdated source.
James Wigginton, Curriculum and Calendar Manager
University of Victoria
With this system, we have reached a broadening institutional understanding of how to steward curricular health. We're doing a much better job of it thanks to Kuali.
Amy Christiansen, Manager of Faculty Support and Academic Resources
Olds College of Agriculture & Technology
One of the key pieces in our decision was that Kuali offers the modern solution we were searching for.
Ron Estrada, Senior Core IT Services Specialist
University of New Mexico
Dependency analysis makes it so much easier to help students go through their program and it has implications for financial aid
Petersen Gross
Leeward Community College
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