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Running a college or university involves a LOT of forms. Replacing even a fraction of those PDF forms and manual processes could equate to significant savings in the form of employee effort, elimination of data inaccuracies, and faster transaction times.  What if you could automate forms and workflows without requiring help from your local IT resources?

Improve faculty, staff and student satisfaction by providing modern, streamlined, mobile-friendly forms and workflows that integrate seamlessly with your campus ERP systems.

Take Control

With Kuali Build, you have the power to create your own online forms and workflow automations to replace all those PDFs, paper documents, and endless email threads. Get trained in less than a day and start building!

Easy-to-Use Form & Workflow Creation

Create dynamic forms and approval paths with no additional software or coding required.


Tired of digging through your email for that one approval email? Never again. With Build, you can send and automate an approval request to anyone on campus and always see where it is at.


Faculty, staff and students can quickly submit forms from any device, even if they are running between classes and meetings or away from campus.

Integrated with your ERP

Rest assured your institution’s data is safe in a platform that is encrypted at-rest and in-transit, maintains fully redundant data storage, and conducts regular security updates and penetration testing.

Role-Based Approval Routing

Route customized approval and acknowledgment notifications to key roles all across campus through built-in SSO integrations, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks

Cloud-Native Architecture

Quickly submit and virtually sign forms from your desktop or mobile device while on the go with no additional software or coding required.

Flexible Process Mapping

Quickly submit and virtually sign forms from your desktop or mobile device while on the go with no additional software or coding required.

Industry-Leading Security

Quickly submit and virtually sign forms from your desktop or mobile device while on the go with no additional software or coding required.

Automate Additional Financial Forms

It’s About Community

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying.
As soon as we saw Kuali Build, we knew we had found what we were looking for.
JD Mills, Director of Infrastructure
Davidson College
Very quickly, Kuali Build has become part of our standardized processes for our entire faculty and staff.
Rob Tedesco, Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Tufts University
It's the simplicity of the technology. It’s really simple. It has the easiness of Google Forms but it has the enterprise quality of our OnBase system.
Max Tsai, Director of Planning and Digital Transformation
California State University, Fresno
Kuali Build was the best because it had that integration feature that beat everybody else.
Erol Irez, Senior Applications Architect
Tufts University
We’ve created turnarounds that rarely exceed 24 hours and in many cases are under two hours because it’s a really quick click for me to review and approve.
Garret Yoshimi, CIO
University of Hawaii
Kuali Build is profoundly needed in higher ed. It allows us to empower more people.
Vince Kellen, CIO
UC San Diego
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