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Build Apps, Not PDFs.

Create powerful apps with digital forms and automated approvals. Meet IT’s high standards for security, accessibility and mobile devices. No programming needed. You’ll be amazed by what you can build.

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Form building is easy.
Building smart forms is hard.

Almost anyone can sell you a form builder tool. But as we all know, it doesn’t end there. Creating forms that can actually change and adapt to user input is where it’s at.

But connecting your fields and forms up to other systems through our API integrations? That’s the smartest kid in class. That’s Kuali Build.

Handoffs and approvals as easy as a high five.

The form submission is not the end of the process. Depending on what was filled out, the form needs to route to different people and others need to be notified. And you’ve got this whole process in your head. The Kuali Build workflow designer makes it trivial to get the process out of your head and into software so everything can be tracked.

A bird’s eye view of your data.

Form and approval data is almost useless if you can’t easily do anything with it. Kuali Build provides you with a high-level view of all the data that has come into the system. You can search, filter and slice the information in a way that makes sense to you. Let’s see paper and PDFs do that.

You’re happy & I.T. is happy.

You shouldn’t have to rely on another department to level up your business. However, I.T. has an appropriately high bar for software and so your team can’t always get what you need. Until now. Kuali Build solves your problems while also meeting IT’s high bar. This includes features like continuous backups, a comprehensive audit log, and WCAG AA accessibility.

Kuali Build was designed in partnership with the following schools:

Paper is the worst.

We all hate being handed a paper form to fill out. That’s because we expect to be able to do everything with a keyboard. Kuali Build helps you delight students, faculty and staff with forms and approvals they can handle on their mobile devices or computers. The days of the paper inbox are numbered.

PDFs aren’t much better.

Electronic PDFs make it possible for people to use their keyboards but the data doesn’t go anywhere. You can’t do much with it when you’re done. Plus, have you tried filling out a PDF on your phone? Hilarious. With Kuali Build, your form data comes alive and the experience is fantastic.

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“But we’ve already tried
Service Now

You’ve never used anything like Build. Our rich approval workflow system does not require you to be technical or know any programming. Build can modernize your business processes and our celebrated user interface actually makes the experience fun. Plus, Build was designed by higher-ed, exclusively for higher ed. We know what makes your team successful and we designed Build so you can do all of this yourself.

Let’s do a Build Bootcamp!

Get us in a room with your department people and I.T. and we will actually build your solution together, in real-time, in a single day. Then your team and your I.T. group can compare Build with the other options you’re considering. The difference will be clear.

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Kuali Build Features


  • Color and Logo Branding
  • Standard Input Controls
  • Accessible (WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Ready
  • User and Group Lookups
  • Required Fields
  • Rich Formatting
  • Multiple Page Forms
  • Configurable On-Screen Help
  • File Attachments


  • Color and Logo Branding
  • Standard Input Controls
  • Accessible (WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Ready
  • User and Group Lookups
  • Required Fields


  • Full-text Search
  • Multicolumn Sort
  • Saved Filters
  • Sharable Filters
  • Configurable Columns
  • Export to CSV
  • Continuous Encrypted Backup


  • Link Form Dropdown with External API
  • Post Workflow Data to External API


  • Color and Logo Branding
  • Standard Input Controls
  • Accessible (WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Ready
  • User and Group Lookups
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