True Cost of Paper & PDFs in Higher Education

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Explore the true cost of paper and PDFs in higher education. Discover how Kuali Build can help you reduce costs, streamline processes, and boost efficiency.

Despite the digital age we live in, many higher education institutions still rely on paper and PDFs for their forms and administrative processes. However, this approach can have hidden costs that institutions may not be aware of.

The true cost of paper and PDFs in higher education includes:

Printing and Storage Costs: Printing and storing paper forms can be expensive, particularly for institutions with high volumes of forms.

Manual Effort: Manual processes, such as data entry and filing, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, reducing staff productivity.

Error-Prone: Paper and PDF-based processes are prone to errors, such as incomplete or illegible forms, leading to delays and potential compliance issues.

Compliance Risks: Compliance with regulatory requirements, such as FERPA and HIPAA, is difficult to ensure with paper and PDF-based processes.

Environmental Impact: The use of paper and printing has a significant environmental impact, contributing to deforestation and carbon emissions.

To address these issues, many higher education institutions are turning to no-code automation tools like Kuali Build to automate their administrative processes. By using no-code automation, institutions can streamline their workflows, reduce manual effort, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. They can also reduce their environmental impact by reducing their paper usage.

Overall, the true cost of paper and PDFs in higher education can be significant, both in terms of financial costs and the impact on staff productivity and compliance. Institutions that are looking to reduce these costs and improve their administrative processes should consider adopting no-code automation tools like Kuali Build. If you're interested in learning more about how Kuali's solutions can benefit your institution, be sure to check out Kuali's resources and solutions today.


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