Higher Education's Guide to Digital Transformation

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Learn why your institution should urgently shift focus to Digital Transformation, what looks like, and how, starting today, you can take steps to transform your campus.

According to EDUCAUSE, only 13% of institutions have a formal Digital Transformation initiative in place. This year’s quick shift to remote learning reinforced the importance of remaining agile with a solid technological strategy as a linchpin in the equation.

As evidenced,  transformation is no longer an option; digital innovation and literacy must now be at the forefront of every conversation. Institutions must look for ways to optimize processes in order to be prepared to tackle future opportunities.

This eBook has been prepared as a primer for Higher Education IT and campus leaders considering undertaking Digital Transformation initiatives on their campus, including:

  • Why Higher Education needs to  urgently pursue Digital Transformation
  • Leading Digital Transformation trends and examples on modern-day campuses
  • Five strategies you can implement this year to kick off your Digital Transformation initiative


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