Extend the Power of Your eRA System with No-Code Automation

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Extend the power of your ERA system with Kuali Build's no-code platform. Access resources and learn how to automate workflows and increase efficiency.

A recent SRA survey on research administration found that 33% of approval signatures are still collected through a hardcopy, via paper.‍

While modern research systems house the bulk of necessary features, some processes still fall outside of their scope. With an automated forms and workflow platform, you can extend the functionality of your research administration system. ‍

Join Research Administrators from Southern Connecticut State University, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst as they share, Ted Talk style, how they've used no-code tool Kuali Build to augment processes in the research department, including:

- How campuses used build to empower the safe operation of research labs during the heat of the COVID outbreak.

- How eSign tools did not meet the needs to support a complex research process, causes teams to turn to the powerful automation in Kuali Build as an alternative.

- How research teams moved away from paper-based manual approvals and saved over $675,000 in the process.