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Case Study: Arizona State University

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ASU digitizes dozens of forms and streamlines curriculum management with Kuali Build's no-code platform, saving hours per week on approvals.


Katie Ord, Director of Curriculum Development, was tasked with overhauling curriculum management processes at Arizona State University (ASU). Ord and her team needed a solution to field niche requests that fell beyond the scope of their curriculum management system. These requests included program change requests, study abroad approvals, and requests to change a program’s location or online status.


Ord turned to Kuali Build, a no-code forms and workflow automation platform, to manage these requests.

Kuali Build provided the functionality Ord’s team was missing. The tool enables easy and efficient digitization of forms with a drag-and-drop form builder. It also allows users to create tailored, automated workflows to match unique needs using role-based approvals, branching, workflow testing, and more.


Source: Arizona State University

Since using Kuali Build, Ord and her team have replaced over 25 digital and paper forms with forms in Kuali Build. The team has also created 9 new forms for approvals previously managed through meetings, spreadsheets, and emails. Processes developed include forms for requesting user access to Kuali, requests for special course actions like omnibus courses, course reactivations, AP credit adjustments and special programs. Ord estimates her team saves at least 4 hours per week using Kuali Build. Since onboarding Kuali Build in Fall 2021, staff and faculty have submitted over 2,500 forms

One of ASU’s favorite benefits of Kuali Build is the tool’s flexibility. Using Build, Ord can help staff get precisely what they need in a form and workflow. Additionally, ASU’s academic units enjoy the ability to submit proposals faster and view approval status anytime. For Ord’s team, a trackable database for approvals and a way to better manage user access are impactful benefits.

“I usually get to say ‘Yes!’ to new requests. I love having a product that allows me to give people what they’re looking for.” - Katie Ord, Director of Curriculum Development, Arizona State University

ASU staff has loved using Kuali Build. New trainees get excited when Ord shows them everything it can do. “Build does things that other vendor software hasn’t been able to do for them,” says Ord.
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Case Study: Arizona State University

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