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How Accessibility in Higher Ed Technology Impacts Student Experience

Learn from accessibility expert Aaron Cannon, co-founder and lead engineer of Accessibilty 360, an accessibility consulting service, as well as Ryan Lewis, Engineering Manager for Kuali Curriculum and Catalog Management at Kuali. Cannon has been instrumental in helping Kuali ensure products are accessible for all audiences. Additionally, Cannon is blind and has used a screen reader for the past 30 years.

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Definition of Accessibility
Define accessibility and how to achieve it with an accessibility expert.

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The Trends
Hear about the latest accessibility trends in higher education and how they are impacting institutions.

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Accessibility Mistakes
Walk through difficulties you can avoid as your institution works toward improved accessibility.

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Get Started
Take a look at your institution's accessibility standards and consider how you can update your technologies to meet modern standards.

How Accessibility in Higher Ed Technology Impacts Student Experience

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