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Gain Insight with Reporting in Kuali Curriculum Management (CM)

Data, data, data. Learn how Kuali Curriculum Management (CM) software can help you store and report on course and curriculum data. Join Hannah Martinez, Product Manager, as she discusses our customers’ favorite data points and the insights that can be drawn from Kuali’s software.

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Built-in Reports
Access built-in default reports, including courses, programs, experiences (such as work study or study abroad), policies, and agendas.

Stay Organized
Use dashboards to see time-sensitive tasks, proposals that are ready for your review, and an action list of items waiting for your attention.

Vendor Partnership
Kuali partners with customer institutions to help you provide the best experience to your students, faculty, and staff.

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Take a look at Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management to facilitate seamless remote work at your institution.

Gain Insight with Reporting in Kuali Curriculum Management (CM)


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