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Eliminating Curriculum Paper Trails

Institutions, and even departments, are unique in their curriculum planning needs. A configurable, no-code curriculum management solution allows institutions to support a wide variety of forms, workflows, and administrative functions, all without any advanced programming.

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Implement Curriculum Review
Practical examples of how to implement a curriculum review across 3 campuses and 22 colleges and schools.

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Partner With Staff
Hear how administrators took a partnership approach to obtain institution-wide buy-in.

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Effective Training
Learn how Univeristy of Washington administrators effectively communicated and trained thousands of staff members.

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Take a look at Kuali Student to streamline curriculum and catalog processes at your institution.

Eliminating Curriculum Paper Trails

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Learn more about change management:

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Implement Change that Sticks
See how one change manager at York University used a combination of Change Intelligence, Lean and Project Management to successfully implement a new curriculum management tool.
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Buying Guide: Curriculum & Catalog Management Solutions
Benefits, features to consider, and evaluation support.
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Southern New Hampshire University Saves 3 Weeks of Manual Work
Paper-based curriculum processes are not a sustainable option. With the Kuali Student Suite, Southern New Hampshire University reduced time spent on manual tasks by 3 weeks per year.
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