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Curriculum is one of the most important elements at your institution. How you manage it is nearly as important. Learn how Kuali Curriculum Management helps streamline accreditation reviews, improve curriculum, and increase visibility throughout the entire curriculum management process.

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One System of Record
Improve curricular consistency, get reliable and transparent workflows, and an auditable historical record—all in one place.

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Effortless Collaboration
A reliable dependency analysis and modern graphical workflow tool will increase collaboration and consistency.

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Personalized Dashboards
Tailored dashboard show your current proposals and an automated action list to see approvals waiting for your attention.

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Take a look at Kuali Student today to streamline curriculum and catalog processes at your institution.

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Learn more about Kuali Student solutions:

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Achieve & Maintain Accreditation with the Kuali Student Suite
Meeting accreditation standards does not necessarily mean your office needs to put in so much manual effort. What if you could deliver accreditation data faster and with less manual effort?
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Southern New Hampshire University Saves 3 Weeks of Manual Work
Paper-based curriculum processes are not a sustainable option. With the Kuali Student Suite, Southern New Hampshire University reduced time spent on manual tasks by 3 weeks per year.
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Buying Guide: Curriculum & Catalog Management Solutions
Benefits, features to consider, and evaluation support.
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