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Case Study: UC San Diego Partners with Kuali Research to Simplify 700-U Filing

Manually filing Form 700-U with every applicable research project can be a burdensome process for an institution's researchers and administrators, but the state of California allows electronic filing for institutions who have had their system certified by the state. Kuali partnered with UC San Diego to develop an expansion to its COI module that allowed UC San Diego to receive the needed certification. This solution simplified the disclosure process and allowed for electronic completion, review, and filing of multiple forms, including Form 700-U.

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Partnerships Paved The Way For Streamlined Electronic Filing.

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Built in Partnership with UC San Diego

Kuali created the Form 700-U solution in partnership with the UCSD in order to streamline the certification process for all public institutions in California.

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Reduce Manual Efforts

Reduce stress and workload for your faculty and staff by electronically generating, collecting, and filing the Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators in the state of California.

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Streamline Disclosures

Consolidate multiple policies and requirements into one simple, user-friendly tool that guides users through the form process, saving time and removing confusion.

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Learn how California institutions can reduce administrative burden and clarify processes for researchers with Form 700-U.

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Kuali's COI software was expanded to support electronic filing and paved the way for California institutions to gain state certification.
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