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Kuali Research Compliance - Intuitive Interface (Video)

Straightforward and simple, our compliance and protocols software isn’t a scary proposition to learn, so as the admin or researcher, you don’t have to shoulder it alone. Kuali takes the reporter step-by-step through the process while accommodating multiple processes and policies all in one place.

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Kuali customers share highlights about the benefits of an Intuitive Interface in this 30 second video.

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Self Guided Demo: Configurable Notifications with Compliance
You can tailor your notifications and correspondence to fit your unique needs.
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Kuali Research COI/COC Magazine
Get an in-depth look to see how the Conflict of Interest-Commitment Disclosure modules simply compliance and workload as part of the Kuali Compliance Suite.
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Kuali Compliance: Stand-Alone or Integrated
The COI and Protocols Compliance modules seamlessly integrate into the full Kuali Research Suite, but they were designed with full functionality that to operate independently.
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