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Product Showdown: Kuali Build vs. Laserfiche

Curious to know the benefits of using Laserfiche versus a tool like Kuali Build? This quick one-sheet guide walks through the feature benefits, pricing model, higher education customer reviews and use case recommendations for both.

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Considering ways to extend the power of your ECM? Check out Kuali Build today.

eSign on the Go
Students can quickly submit and virtually sign change of major requests and permission forms while running between classes with no additional software or coding required.

Launch Forms in Minutes
Build and deploy a forms and workflow process in record time with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder, process mapping tool and automated testing simulations.

Streamline Approvals
Tired of digging through your email for that one approval email? Never again. With Build, you can send an automate an approval request to anyone on campus and always see where it is at.

Limitless Integrations
Connect with your ECM and additional critical campus systems to empower business users submitting processes to orchestrate powerful updates, no copying and pasting required.


See Kuali Build in action:

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