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Community Feedback Leads to Editability and Reporting Alert in Subaward Module

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Community Feedback Leads to Editability & Reporting Alert in Subaward Module

When members in the Kuali Community came to us with a suggestion, we listened. They needed the ability to edit the History of Changes panel in the Subaward module of the Sponsored Programs software to help correct any mistakes when information was initially entered.

After working with our community to understand the needs surrounding this issue, the History of Changes was modified to allow editable transactions to correct data entry mistakes and other issues. For audit purposes, the original entry will remain in prior versions to preserve the integrity of the process.

Additionally, administrators will now be able to track when a subaward meets the FFATA reporting requirement. The function provides a checkbox for “FFATA Reporting Reached Limit” that can be checked if the Financial Tab Obligated total is greater than $25K and the Prime Sponsor or Sponsor is federal. This is linked to the active award, so if the award reporting box is unchecked, the award user will get a warning that the subaward has reached the reporting limit and needs to be reviewed.

Both of these features came about from the partnership between Kuali and the Kuali Community through the Community Forums and the Subaward Working Group. Facilitating regular community engagement and feedback is a best practice that helps each institution within the Kuali Community.  

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