Kuali Ready Overview

What would your institution do in the face of a natural disaster, an outbreak of a contagious virus, a terrorist attack or even a long-term power outage? How would your institution preserve its brand, communicate to the right parties, and keep its students and employees safe?

In advance of major disruptions, institutions can find peace of mind by establishing a culture of preparedness and resiliency through Business Continuity Planning. By helping institutions put departmental continuity plans into place, Kuali Ready can support your efforts to resume critical functions as quickly as possible after an adverse event.

In this lunch-hour webinar, Tony Benjamins shares more about Business Continuity Planning and shows how Kuali Ready’s interview-based interface can increase your institution’s resiliency in the same simple way that Turbo Tax helps you with your taxes.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • What is Business Continuity Planning and how does it differ from, yet fit with, your emergency response and disaster recovery plans and efforts?
  • How Kuali Ready has helped other institutions in Texas increase the number of departments that have completed a continuity of operations plan
  • How the accessibility and reporting capabilities of the tool support institutional preparedness and current/future audit and accreditation requirements
  • Useful strategies to build a continuity plan with support from leaders and departments

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