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Video: Kuali Curriculum Management Software at York University

Kuali Curriculum Management Software at York University

See how York University, located in Toronto, Ontario, uses Kuali Curriculum Management software to turn their curricular data into powerful insights.

During this interview, Lucy Bellissimo, Associate Registrar at York University, mentions several benefits of using Kuali, including:

  • The ability to analyze curricular data in a meaningful way (better than using spreadsheets, pdfs, or text documents)
  • Thinking about your curriculum and approval processes to better understand ways to improve
  • Using an electronic workflow to see what’s coming through the pipeline, where things are being held up, how long approvals are taking, etc.
  • Better clarifying what’s happening as well as what roles and responsibilities are being affected
  • The inherent flexibility of Kuali’s solution, which has the ability to work well with institutional processes

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