Fresno Pacific University


Fresno Pacific University has a main campus and a north campus, and also campuses in Merced, Bakersville, and Visalia in California. None of them had a written plan for business continuity. The university’s emergency management team was interested in developing a business continuity plan, and so was its Chief Financial Officer. But there were no full-time staffers who could be assigned to the task.


Kuali Ready is user-friendly. So with a short tutorial and some guidance, anyone can get started on a business continuity plan.

“When you go in to do the plans, you have guidance on the side which helps fill in some of the blanks,” said Eric Self, Assistant Director of Operations at Fresno Pacific University.


Fresno Pacific University has been using Ready for about a year, and are slowly filling out business continuity plans for different departments across the campuses.

“It’s a volunteer position, not a full-time person who does this, and it’s in addition to the jobs they have here,” Self said. “When we get a little time here and there we jump in” and work on the business continuity plans.

Self and other volunteers are using Ready to create standard operating procedure (SOP) documents for everything a department does. For example, in the business office, there would be an SOP document detailing the step-by-step process for billing. That way, if something happens and the people who usually do the job are unavailable or can’t get to campus, other staff members can take over.

“We’re learning as we go,” he said.

Self said the support and guidance are what makes Ready a great product. “We love the support staff and can always get a hold of someone,” he said. “Everyone’s really helpful. The customer service side is a good component.”


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