Key Benefits

  • Reduce administrative overhead associated with manual processes
  • Standardize templates for Courses, Programs and Experiences
  • Create proposals online and automate the approval workflow
  • Manage your entire curricular catalog inventory and history from any online device
  • Implement institution, program and course-level Learning Objectives
  • Analyze dependencies and relationships to make data-driven curricular decisions
  • Use our API to integrate with existing systems

Simplify your curriculum approval process with Curriculum Management, the first module in the Kuali Student suite.

Kuali Curriculum Management (CM) is designed to manage the approval process for both traditional and innovative learning experiences. You can create and manage proposals for traditional programs and courses as well as learning experiences, such as service learning projects, apprenticeships, competency-based learning, and prior learning assessment. Proposal forms are completely configurable to allow your institution to collect the data required for your unique processes.

Kuali CM draft program screen

The visual workflow tool lets you quickly assign approval paths that notify relevant approvers when it’s their turn to review and approve curriculum. You can assign workflows by department or based on proposal type and add rules and alternate paths to accommodate unique processes. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.49.07 AM

Workflow progress in Kuali CM is transparent on each proposal. You never need to wonder who’s holding up the approval process. Participants can add comments throughout the process to give context for decisions. Increased transparency leads to increased accountability.

Kuali CM workflow progress screenshot

Kuali Curriculum Management is designed in partnership with leading institutions across the globe. The University of Toronto, Coventry University, Stellenbosch University, North-West University and the University of Hawaii System have worked with us to design and develop a Curriculum Management tool that is configurable to meet the needs of any higher education institution. Brigham Young University has joined the original partners to work with us on Enrollment, the next module in the Kuali Student Suite.

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