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Reclaim Your Focus on Student Success

The Kuali Student Suite is a solution that saves your institution time and minimizes risk, while maintaining accreditation and driving student success. Kuali is a modular, advanced software that gives higher education institutions the tools to improve retention and graduation rates, as well as cutting costs and wasted time.


What Does Kuali Student Include?

The Kuali Student Suite includes curriculum management, catalog management, syllabus management, and Kuali Build for provosts, registrars, and admissions officers. Learn more about our modules to see how Kuali Student can help your institution.

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Covering the Entire Student Success Journey

Curriculum and catalog development are essential yet laborious tasks for any institution. The Kuali Student Suite automates tasks and processes such as creating curriculum proposals and deploying student catalogs, allowing institutions to spend more time on inter-departmental collaboration and strategic development. With Kuali Student, institutions receive the benefits and features of Kuali Curriculum, Kuali Catalog, and Kuali Build, covering everything needed for student success. 

Effectively manage the holistic curriculum process with transparent, collaborative, and user-friendly workflows.
  • Create and edit dynamic, multi-branched workflows in a simple, no-code platform
  • Provide cross-department transparency of curriculum offerings and dependencies
  • Access insightful data with custom reports
  • Configure next-generation smart forms for courses, programs, and other content
  • Enable faculty and staff to collaboratively build, review, and iterate on curriculum with in-app commenting
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Ensure your students have access to the most up-to-date catalog information, helping to increase graduation and retention rates.
  • Easily create fully responsive and ADA compliant catalogs and student and faculty handbooks.
  • Pull course and program information automatically from Kuali’s Curriculum Management software eliminating manual and redundant data entry.
  • Enable content-stakeholders to review and update catalog pages with easy-to-share catalog pages.
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Easily bring digital transformation to your institution to foster long-term student success — no programming necessary.
  • Create powerful digital forms tailored to your needs and processes
  • Meet compliance standards for accessibility, security, and mobile devices
  • Automate approvals for reduced human error and bottleneck delays
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