Kuali Sponsored Programs

Simplify the Research Administration Lifecycle

Kuali Sponsored Programs helps institutions reduce workload and improve workflow with modern, intuitive software that guides and supports you through the ever-changing landscape of government regulations, institutional policies, and evolving guidelines to successfully win research awards and manage ongoing research projects.

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What Can You Do With Kuali Sponsored Programs?

Pre-Award Management

Kuali Sponsored Programs allows investigators and administrators to collaborate to produce high-quality proposals that stay compliant with requirements at both the sponsor and institutional levels. Even the search for funding opportunities is streamlined with our new GrantForward integration.

With a simplified interface, you can take advantage of automated routing and approval workflows, allowing for an easier online proposal development process.
Your team can keep a record of the completed items that you’ve submitted to sponsored funding organizations.
Quickly gather the info and data that you need to populate forms instantly or even trigger a conditional workflow automation.
Sponsored Programs connects directly with for seamless submissions. Institutionally configured identifiers allow grant data to be mapped to the appropriate areas of sponsor forms, so you can interact with the same interface every time.
All negotiation activity can be tracked and managed, whether it is related to a funded or unfunded agreement. Quickly and easily link negotiation records to proposals, awards, and sub-awards.
All information regarding export control is handled in one centralized location, with a built-in automated support system for export compliance. We also offer a dedicated module for Export Control Management that serves as a more robust and comprehensive solution for export control tasks.

Find Funding: GrantForward Integration

Quickly find the right funding opportunity with the largest curated database, then easily transfer grant information from GrantForward to Kuali with our seamless integration. Ensure that all of your application information is accurate as you apply for new grants. Learn more about the GrantForward integration.

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Post-Award Management

Once an award has been granted to your institution, you can easily capture the award data you need for management purposes. Keep all of your relevant information in one place.

Details about all of your awards and subawards are easier to manage with a full history of the changes affecting the award. At any point in the process, from your first sponsor funding notice to the closeout of the award. You can easily arrange any awards into a hierarchy to help split up your funds on the internal side of things, as well as view the whole of the information together in one space.
Keep up with any and all due dates regarding awards and subawards and maintain the status of required award reports.
Your institution can easily manage any subawards going to outside labs and investigators who are taking part in your institution’s research project.

What Do You Get From Kuali Sponsored Programs?

Connected Data

Award data from sponsors and institutions is easily incorporated into your management workflow.

Integrated Search for Funding

A partnership with GrantForward provides access to 10X more funding opportunities, tailored recommendations, and a sleek integration to populate proposals with a single click.

One Familiar Interface

Sponsor forms are mapped and configured intelligently to allow you to complete your tasks inside of one easy-to-use interface.

Closer Compliance at All Points

From the initial search for funding to the award closeout, Kuali Sponsored Programs will keep your research administration strongly compliant with institutional and sponsor guidelines.

Link to Relevant Data

Records of all kinds can be attached to proposals, awards, or sub-awards to keep all relevant data on hand for when it’s needed.

Integration With Other Modules and Systems

Seamless integration with all Kuali Research modules, including Compliance and Export Control Management, as well as any external system like HR, Finance, Training, etc.

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful insights can be gained through intuitive dashboards and a library of both canned and ad-hoc reports.

Modular Design

To allow your institution to select only the functionality it needs, Kuali uses modular architecture so you can implement each individual module when you’re ready. Additional functionality can be added at a later time, with seamless integration.

And So Much More...

Institutions that use Kuali benefit from SOC 2 compliance, 99.9% uptime, Customer Support response time under 5 minutes, and so much more to ensure your success. See the full gamut of Kuali’s support services in this Solution Overview.

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Utah State University had been using a homegrown research administration system, but they were missing valuable capabilities available in modern eRA solutions. Now they have seen numerous improvements in processes, time savings, and award volumne.
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