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Export Control Management

Export control practices can be difficult to manage, so Kuali developed software to help Institutions capture, track, monitor, and analyze all their export control activities in one secure location. By using Kuali’s Export Control Management module, colleges and universities can reduce the stress, labor, and uncertainty of ensuring compliance.

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Stay compliant and manage all your export control activities in one secure location.

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Restricted Party Screenings

Trace interactions with persons and companies by reviewing against BIS lists or via our fluid integration with Visual Compliance. Disambiguate and disposition findings by adding an RPS outcome. Share findings by notifications, granting permissions or distributing reports.
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Complete Foreign Travel Review

Communicate with faculty, students or staff about general travel restrictions as well as sanctioned or embargoed nations. Send preconfigured correspondence and agreements for completion and retention with the export control project.

Classify Review Types

Easily classify the type of export control project, such as fundamental research, international activities, classified or export restricted to provide tracking at a glance. Such classification adds immediate context for the export control review. These classifications, as made by the export control officer can be extremely helpful for reports distributed to persons without export control expertise.
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Store TCPs, Licences, Purchases, and more

Organize of all relevant documents in one secure location. Kuali retains drafts, finalized and updated documents with timestamps on the appropriate export control project to provide transparency and continuity of information across all parties involved at your institution over time.

How Does It Work?

Users are asked questions to help identify activities applicable to export control or ‘deemed export’ control regulations. These answers trigger workflow to ensure that the appropriate institutional authority is aware and can initiate a review. If there is a need to track something under export controls, the user can simply click to begin managing the export control activities immediately in a newly created export control project with customized fields by type of project.
  • Foreign Persons
  • Restricted Party Screenings
  • Visa Requests
  • Licenses
  • Technology Control Plans
  • International Shipping
  • International Agreements
  • International Travel
Kuali Export Control Management workflow illustration
Kuali Research Dashboard  - Export Control screenshot
Kuali Export Control Management facilitates efficient and effective communication between faculty, administrative staff, and the export control officer. Notifications can be enabled to send custom messages to let all relevant parties know that export controls will be applicable, and helpful status updates can be sent automatically as the project progresses. Additionally, when using Export Control Management with the Kuali Sponsored Programs software, an institution can associate export control projects with proposals and awards and then easily navigate between the sources of information. Robust reporting makes it easy to quickly confirm compliance or explore foreign relationships.
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Partnership with Visual Compliance

Descartes Visual Compliance
Thanks to our strategic partnership with Descartes Visual Compliance, institutions can conduct Restricted Party Screenings from within Kuali Export Control Management and automatically store the auditable results with the related project. Visual Compliance is the leader in denied party screening software, utilizing advanced technology that delivers accurate results, reduces false positives, and easily integrates with Kuali. Institutions are eligible for a discount on both the Visual Compliance’s integration fee and the Kuali Export Control Management module when using both systems together. Please contact our team for full details on pricing and integration options.
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Powered By Community:
Code Contribution from Colorado State University

Colorado State University
Kuali’s Export Control Management began as a generous contribution of code from one of the Kuali community schools, Colorado State University (CSU). When CSU determined the need to create an export control solution for their campus, they leveraged Kuali’s code contribution model and developed the solution on the Kuali codebase so it could benefit the entire community. Through ongoing collaboration with CSU, Kuali added to the code, extended the functionality and fully integrated it into our existing Research suite. Thank you, CSU!

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