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Academic and Business Continuity Planning.

Build academic and business continuity plans. Efficiently guide and support department leaders throughout the planning process. Manage all continuity plans with efficiency and ease, leaving time for other important tasks.

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Efficiently Manage Complexities

Higher ed business functions are unique – student residents, instruction, clinical services, and special events security. Managing the large number of stakeholders across all departments for effective planning is a monumental task. Kuali Ready helps you manage your complex responsibilities while minimizing the time required to manage your set of plans.

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Configured to Be Just Right

Configure Kuali Ready to your institution, including vernacular, processes, buildings, applications, and more. Improve plan consistency, reportability, and user experience with configurable drop-down menus for all users.
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Guide Users to Build Plans with Best Practices Built-in

Confidently and efficiently guide and support users as they build robust continuity plans with best practices built into the software throughout the planning process.
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Monitor Plan Progress and Institutional Coverage with Dashboards

Get a quick glance into tasks needing completion, plan statuses, and easily access plans in progress from your dashboard. With visibility into the process, you can ensure plans don’t get stuck in any stage.
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Access From Anywhere

Be assured your continuity plans and supporting documents are always available, regardless of the event that occurs, from any internet-connected device.
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Stay Current

Ensure your continuity plans are maintained and updated with periodic plan review prompts.

Simplify Continuity Planning

Preparing for the infinite number of events that might disrupt your institution can be exhausting. How will you continue instruction and research when a disruptive event occurs? Which courses have the most significant impact on time to graduation? Do courses require specialized resources or logistics? Are you prepared to protect on-going research projects?

Kuali Ready’s methodology simplifies the task by focusing on recovering from the loss of four important elements – an essential employee, normal work location, critical application, or unique resource – regardless of the event that might disrupt them. This keeps planning simple and manageable.

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Our resources are designed to support your continuity planning efforts.

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