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What Is Workflow Management Software? Top 5 Benefits

July 26, 2021

Digital transformation is changing the world of higher education. An increasing number of colleges and universities are incorporating hybrid learning models, online courses, and automated forms—meaning institutions that fail to evolve will be left behind.

Workflow management software is just one of the many tools these institutions are using to gain a competitive advantage and adapt to the digital age.

But what is workflow management software? And how does it play a role in digital transformation for higher education? We’ll give a simple definition and explain the many benefits of workflow management software for today’s colleges and universities.

Workflow Management Software 

Workflow management software is a type of computer program that automates routine tasks, helping organizations streamline processes, minimize errors, and increase productivity.

Today’s best workflow automation software features no-code, easy-to-use form builders, integrates easily with existing systems, and can be accessed anywhere.

Higher education institutions can use workflow automation software to build customized forms, securely transfer data, process payroll, and more.

Benefits of Workflow Management Software

Workflow automation solutions offers a wealth of benefits to higher education institutions looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Here are just a few reasons colleges and universities are choosing this software as a key tool in the digital transformation process.

1. Save Time and Resources

Because workflow automation software eliminates repetitive, simple tasks, staff and faculty members can dedicate more time to meaningful work that requires creativity and high-level thinking. This shift ultimately allows institutions to become more competitive and appeal to students in a changing world.

2. Reduce Errors

Data entry errors can cost colleges thousands of dollars every year. And when departments are using manual entry or paper forms, mistakes are more likely to happen. Luckily, transitioning to automated forms reduces errors, saving institutions even more time and money.

3. Boost Efficiency Across Departments

From research to human resources, every department can become more efficient with the help of workflow automation software. The IT department will spend less time putting out fires and more time working toward digital transformation. Likewise, registrar’s offices and research teams will minimize time spent on menial, repetitive tasks, giving them more time for work that helps the institution reach its goals.

4. Increase Security and Compliance

Sophisticated cyber hackers are finding ways to attack even the most secure organizations, and colleges and universities must face the challenge head-on to remain relevant. Fortunately, cloud-based workflow automation offers greater data security and helps institutions meet current compliance standards.

5. Greater Agility

From power outages to terrorist threats, higher education institutions need to be prepared for any emergency scenario. And because workflow automation is easily accessible and customizable, it allows all organizations to be more agile and adaptable—in even the most unexpected situations.

Learn More about Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation software will play a vital role in the future of higher education. If your institution is ready to reap the many benefits of automation, check out Kuali Build today. Our workflow automation tools are tailored to the needs of colleges and universities, making it easier for institutions to facilitate remote learning, micro-credentialing, and other trends in digital transformation. Learn more about workflow management software benefits from Kuali Build today.

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