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Thrive Global: Interview with Joel Dehlin

August 22, 2019

Kuali is a fabulous place to work. It features many of the fun perks of a startup: a ping-pong table, free lunches, snacks, a modern office space. But Kuali also offers the really important perks: generous 401k matching, great medical benefits, unliminted PTO, flexible hours. In addition, Kuali is led by a group of genuinely good people who understand work-life balance. All of this wouldn’t have happened without the leadership of our CEO, Joel Dehlin.

He was recently featured in a Thrive Global article about creating a great culture. He explains the building blocks of a great culture, his own management style, and the major players that contributed to his success.

“There is plenty of research on motivation. I love the book “Drive,” by Daniel Pink, based at least in part on research from Daniel Kahneman. People are motivated at work when they feel like they have opportunities for mastering their skills, and feel a sense of purpose and autonomy in their work. I don’t think most companies get that — or they do, but don’t do anything about it. Creating an environment where people can do their best work takes real effort. It’s an executive and a management team’s key job, but we often spend more time either micro-managing or measuring things that don’t really matter. We designed the Kuali culture from day one with these three things in mind and try to spend most of our time reinforcing them.”

Read more from Dehlin’s interview with Thrive Global here.

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