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Vendor Partnerships: What to Look for in a Curriculum Management Partner

October 2, 2020

Deciding on the right curriculum management system takes time—your institution has specific requirements and you want just the right fit.

For example, your provost may want a data-centric solution—one that can capture and store data to provide insights and drive improvement. Input from faculty members may be slightly different; they’re interested in a flexible system that can fit with their various processes. The registrar’s office wants proposals that can be tracked for auditing purposes and pushed through in an organized way. 

Kuali listens to what you need and works with you to configure our Curriculum & Catalog Management software solution to help meet different stakeholder needs and provide expert advice on how to achieve your goals.

In a recent webinar, two seasoned curriculum managers discuss how Kuali empowered their institutions to gain new insights through integrations and take on cutting-edge projects like learning assessments and micro-credentials.

Watch the recorded webinar to hear from these experts and learn what Kuali can do for you.

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