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Kuali Announces GrantForward Integration

July 23, 2021

For research institutions, finding grant opportunities and creating proposals is usually a time-consuming, burdensome task, but it just got easier with Kuali Research and GrantForward. Kuali is committed to improving processes across the entire research administration lifecycle. We do this with our modern, cloud-based eRA, and now Kuali is taking this commitment a step further with an exclusive partnership and integration with GrantForward. 

GrantForward simplifies funding searches across the entire award-seeking spectrum, including sponsors, pre-solicitations, funding opportunities, and awarded projects. By integrating GrantForward with Kuali Research, institutions now have everything they need to find funding opportunities and create proposals, with a lower risk of human error and fewer hours spent on manual processes. 

What Is GrantForward? 

GrantForward is a cloud-based search engine software solution that helps higher education institutions find grant opportunities to fund research. The solution features a team of specialists that is always on the lookout for new funding resources, giving users many opportunities to receive the funding they need for essential research. GrantForward is also extremely user-friendly, allowing institutions to easily search and quickly find grant opportunities that are ideal for their specific needs and then receive customized grant recommendations. Some additional benefits include:

  • Access 9 to 10 times more grant options  
  • Gain access everywhere with single sign-on service 
  • Easily select grants, build grant lists, and share via email or newsletter
  • Stay compliant with grant requirements 
  • Get alerts when a new matched grant is available 

How Kuali Works With GrantForward

Kuali Research is now proudly offering GrantForward integration capabilities for new and existing account holders. With this integration, institutions can streamline grant research and proposal writing and remove the friction that holds them back. Time-consuming processes that were once manual — such as entering data, correcting errors, reviewing, and approving — can be simplified and even eliminated.

So how does it work? Using the integration, institutions can directly create proposals using results from their GrantForward searches. The information from these results is loaded directly into the proposal with a single click of a button, eliminating the need to download information and store it locally. All information is housed in the Kuali Research application, making it easy for approvers to review and authorize proposals without needing to switch between platforms. When integrating with GrantForward, Kuali Research users can experience many real benefits right from the start: 

  • Simplify processes for proposal creation and approval
  • Reduce turnaround time between searching for funding and submitting a proposal 
  • Begin the proposal with one click inside GrantForward
  • Pay no integration fee 

Get Started Today

To help you bring efficiency to your institution’s grant research department, we’re offering institutions a free trial of GrantForward. Once you’ve experienced its superior value, effectiveness, and ease of use, you can also receive special pricing to help you take your Kuali Research potential to the next level. Contact us today to get started or to learn more about Kuali Research’s integration with GrantForward.

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