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How (and Why) the Kuali Community Planted Over 2.5k Trees

June 29, 2021

We are committed to providing great service for our customers and also to being a responsible company.

In 2019, Kuali connected with OneTreePlanted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. We promised to donate at least one tree each time we signed with a new customer institution as a symbol of our partnership. We celebrate reduced paper usage through our cloud-based solutions by planting trees! 

Two years later, Kuali has planted over 2,500 trees! That’s a lot of trees!!

We are so proud of this accomplishment! Planting trees is just a piece of our strategy to develop a sustainable business and help customers save resources such as time, money, and natural resources. In this post, we’ll dive a bit deeper into how Kuali contributes to sustainability and share ideas of how you can contribute. 

Why Trees?

You might be wondering why we chose trees instead of an alternative sustainability project.

Trees help to clean air, filter water, create habitats for biodiversity, provide jobs, and support the health of humans. Did you know that hospital patients in a room that overlooks trees heal faster than those without the same view? You can learn more about what trees do for people and the environment at OneTreePlanted.

In addition to the benefits that trees provide for the environment, trees also act as a beautiful metaphor for a vendor-institution relationship. We hope that as our customer partnerships grow and develop, we will build rich, long-lasting relationships. We believe in and practice partnership in our collaboration with higher education institutions. It’s part of our mission and is truly essential to the organization we have today.

Use Resources Efficiently with Kuali

Kuali’s software helps customers save time, money, and natural resources.

Save Time

Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management helps customers save time by streamlining processes. Within the Registrar’s Office, tracking down forms and approvals can take significant amounts of time. For example, the University of Utah Registrar’s Office accommodated unique change management processes for 18 colleges and 80 departments. These change management processes required significant amounts of time and effort. Using Kuali Curriculum Management, the folks in the Registrar’s Office were able to combine change management processes into a single university-wide process, while still allowing each department to have its own workflows. 

Save Money

With a solution like Kuali, you can be confident that you’re working with a company that accounts for the unique needs of higher education. For example, Kuali Curriculum Management is priced by the size of the institution rather than application usage. This means administrators won’t be surprised with an invoice they didn’t expect if usage suddenly increases. 

Save Natural Resources

Kuali helps institutions use less paper by moving to a cloud-based solution. For example, Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management allows institutions to manage curriculum digitally. This can make a big difference. Think for a moment about all of the paper that is used unnecessarily at your institution. Student forms, meeting agendas, printed emails, and more are likely to be on the list.

Paper processes may cost your institution more than you realize. Did you know that it costs $3.63 on average to manage and process one paper form? In another blog post, we explored the cost of managing processes on paper specifically for the change of major process. 

Get Started with Sustainability

Ready to get started on your own sustainability journey? You can begin with something simple such as using less paper, recycling and picking up trash in your community. You can also look into helping your institution become more sustainable by seeking solutions to minimize waste. Cloud-based technology is a great place to start.

Learn more about Kuali’s sustainable curriculum and catalog management solution today!

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