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Powerful Forms and Workflow
Automation Software

Build combines advanced form automation software and sophisticated workflow automation software into one platform. Create powerful digital forms and automated approvals. Meet IT’s standards for security, accessibility, and mobile devices. No programming needed. You’ll be amazed by what you can Build.

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Get Back to the Mission of Higher Education with Forms and Workflow Software

With Kuali Build, you will be able to completely empower your campus departments with the tools they need. They'll be delivering on the mission while you're resting easy on secure, easy-to-use, powerful software.

No-Code Form Automation

Not only can you create no-code digital forms using templates designed to serve higher ed, it’s completely customizable to fit the specific needs of the processes in your institution. Take a look at what all a form automation platform can do for you!

Automate Departmental Workflows

Reduce errors, inefficiencies, bottlenecks and so much more by integrating workflow automation into your process. Take a look at our in-depth guide about workflow automation platforms for more information.

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Fun to Build

You'll want to jump in, design processes, and build no-code forms with Build because it allows you to do powerful things while being super easy to use.
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Launch Apps in Minutes

Build and deploy a forms and workflow process in record time with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder, process mapping tool and automated testing simulations.
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Streamline Approvals

Tired of digging through your email for that one approval email? Never again. With Build, you can send an automate an approval request to anyone on campus and always see where it is at.
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Integrate with Core Systems

Automatically orchestrate information updates across core campus systems with drag-and-drop integration activities, empowering powerful updates with no coding required.
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Pass IT Security Checks

With industry-leading encryption, accessibility, redundant architecture, and SLA protections, your IT team can rest assured Build is up to par.
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Manage with Ease

Shared governance and granular permissions enables IT to setup and distribute power across campus while still holding necessary 'keys to the castle' to maintain platform standards.

How Can Forms and Workflow Automation
Software Help You?

Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve workflow processes in your institution? See for yourself how Build can help! Our resources can help you get up to speed on Digital Transformation in Higher Ed.

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Come Build With Us

Interested in seeing more? Request a demo with our process consultants today to learn how Build can get your institution back to focusing on what matters most.

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