Integrated Forms and Automated Approvals. In Minutes, Not Months.

Your team is treading water trying to help thousands of people across campus, but there are only so many hours in a day. With Kuali Build, have confidence you can solve any campus challenge in minutes with online forms and automated approval processes, at a price you can actually afford.

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You Keep Saying “Not Now” to New Requests.

Your team feels like they’re drowning. They’re fielding thousands of requests across campus with “not now” since the team’s backlog is already overloaded.

Costly custom-app development isn’t a scalable long-term solution. Your team has already tried using your current enterprise systems’ automation tools but they’re not agile to solve problems as quickly as you need.

And as departments keep waiting, shadow systems multiply uncontrollably, making the problem even worse.

You need a solution that is easy but powerful that can begin tackling the IT backlog in minutes, not months.

Give your Team Confidence to Say “Yes.” 

Powerful, Secure,
Mobile-Ready Apps

Automate approval-routing in minutes on a securely architected, encrypted, mobile-ready, and accessible platform.

Integrate with Any System on Campus

Powerful easy-to-use integration engine to enable any end-to-end connection, ensuring data never gets lost.

No Training Required

Incredibly easy and fun interface your tech team and campus-wide department leaders will finally love to use.

Unlimited-Use Pricing

Stop counting grains of rice. With pricing based on your institution’s FTE, add unlimited users and launch unlimited apps.

Just a few of the institutions that trust Kuali Build:

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What Our Customers Think

"As soon as we saw Kuali Build, we knew we had found what we were looking for – something that could solve for 90% of our low code use cases, while being completely accessible to our end users."
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JD Mills
Manager, Digital Transformation
Davidson College
"Build’s fresh perspective is profoundly needed in this market. It allows us to empower more people."

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Vice Kellen
UC Diego
"Kuali has been one of the most transparent and collaborative partners we've ever worked with, and we cannot express our gratitude enough to the entire Kuali Build team."
Technology Team
Davidson College
"It has helped us eliminate ALL errors... and has saved her no less than 200 hours. I don't know what I would do right now if I didn't have Kuali Build. I love that software. It makes a big difference for me."
headshot of a woman - Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor
Director, Sponsored Programs & Research
Southern Connecticut State University
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Unlimited Campus-Wide Builders & Unlimited Forms & Workflow
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Pricing is based upon a combination of student and faculty FTE. Aggressive volume-based
discounts are built into the pricing model. No arm twisting required.

What is Kuali Build?

Kuali Build is a cloud-hosted forms and automated approval platform, built exclusively for Higher Education.

With mobile-ready, secure, and accessible forms and workflows, Kuali Build has helped tens of thousands of campus users launch automated processes in minutes, not months.

Build’s platform features a robust drag-and-drop form and workflow builder, advanced form fields, signatures, role-based approval routing, branched conditions, a workflow tester, user-friendly yet powerful integrations, workflow status reporting, approval task management, and more.

Due to the platform’s ease of use, unlimited pricing model, and powerful integration capabilities, Kuali Build is often used as part of a strategic portfolio of solutions to supplement existing campus solutions such as an eSign platform, an Enterprise Content Management solution, a Student Information System or a Case Management Solution. 
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How to Get Started Today:

To get started, first complete our 30-Day Trial Request on to get access to your personal, full-featured Kuali Build sandbox.
We'll setup a 30-minute demo and sandbox walk-through following your 30-day trial request. This discussion will review what challenges you're looking to solve on your campus and give you an orientation on the nuts and bolts of Kuali Build.
Following these steps, you'll receive access to your fully featured Kuali Build sandbox. You'll have access for 30-days to automate any backlogged requests in minutes, not months. You'll be amazed by what you can build.
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