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Solution Overview for the Kuali Research Suite

Looking for the right research administration platform can be daunting as you search to discover what each solution offers. Use this eBook as a guide to the Kuali Research Suite so you can see the modules and features that will simplify compliance while reducing the burden of pre and post award management.

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From PUIs to large R1 institutions, Kuali Research can be configured to your needs.

Increase Effectiveness
Win more awards, make data-backed decisions, and improve cross-department collaboration.

Improve Efficiency
Save time for staff and faculty while reducing IT burden and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Reduce Risk
Eliminate unnecessary manual entry, avoid penalties and fees, and ace research audits.

Experience the Kuali Research Suite
Increase compliance, maximize funding, and make more informed decisions with Kuali's modular Research Suite.

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Learn what makes Kuali Research unique:

Research Community Forum and User Group
The Kuali Research community is built from an active group of institutions who support and engage with each other through various formats.
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Demo: Kuali Research Reports
This self-guided demo gives a sneek peek to see how easy it can be to create and disseminate reports.
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The Univeristy of Maryland Baltimore Moves to the Cloud
See how the University of Maryland Baltimore modernized their research department and business processes by adopting Kuali Research.
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