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Module Magazine: Research Protocols (IRB & IACUC)

Easily and effectively navigate the protocols associated with the research happening in your institution using Kuali Research's Protocols module. Streamline committee management, review, and submission processes for both human (IRB) and animal (IACUC) subjects. See more in this magazine to learn how the Protocols modules fit into Kuali's Compliance Suite.

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Flexible and Intuitive

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Design Forms

Configure forms to match your institution's unique business processes. Add notifications and attachments as needed.

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Efficient Reviews

Streamline the revision process with digital comments, configurable review checklists, and highlighted latest changes.

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Higher Education Community

Learn from the Kuali community's user group discussions, conferences, and give us feedback on development and R&D.

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Protocols Webinar: Unlocking The Power of Centralized Electronic Protocols Systems in The Digital Age
Hear best practices from Indiana University and see a demo of the IBC protocol module in this previously recorded webinar.
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Kuali Compliance: Stand-Alone or Integrated
The COI and Protocols Compliance modules seamlessly integrate into the full Kuali Research Suite, but they were designed with full functionality that to operate independently.
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Meet Kuali Research
Looking for the right research administration platform can be a big undertaking. Use this eBook as a comprehensive guide to Kuali Research—understand what each module in the suite offers, see example reports, and learn what makes Kuali different.
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