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Module Magazine: Conflict of Interest and Commitment (COI-COC) Disclosures

Our Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure modules simply compliance and workload as part of the Kuali Compliance Suite. Read more in this magazine and let us know how we can help your institution with disclosure compliance.

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At Kuali we understand that you live in an ever-changing landscape of new regulations, changing policies, and evolving guidelines. Our job is to help you easily and effectively navigate the myriad obstacles you face every day to properly and efficiently manage the

protocols associated with the research happening within your institution. Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through the various features of our Protocols modules, part of our Compliance Suite within Kuali Research software solutions.

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Kuali Protocols

We’ve put human and animal protocols in one place to make it easy to use by researchers. Our software is modular so you can implement IRB or IACUC or both.

IRB and IACUC Protocols are part of the Kuali Research suite that also includes Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment(COI/COC) and Sponsored Programs.


Kuali Form Designer allows you to build forms and processes tailored to your institution’s policies and procedures. Add specific instructions, hyperlinked references, field-level help text, and branching questions to guide the researcher completing their protocols.

When designing your forms, you can choose from a robust set of data-entry elements, layout choices, question branching, and validations. For example, you can create lists of options to choose from, provide open areas for text, create drop-down menus, or an option to attach files.


  • Text area
  • Rich text
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Drop-down menu
  • Date picker
  • Number input box
  • File attachment
  • Training
  • Funding source that pulls proposal and awards from Kuali Sponsored Programs


We know that the software needs to be used in order to be beneficial. Kuali puts a premium on developing software that is intuitive and easy to use.

Conflict disclosures are an important part of keeping institutions compliant. There are a number of features we use to keep the process easy to follow and result in more complete and accurate information collected in an efficient way.


When each reporter logs in, they will see a form configured to reflect the specific information that is required of them based on their financial interests, outside professional activities, and research projects. And more importantly, they won’t see sections that don’t apply to them.


Manage your protocol from creation through review, approval, amendments, renewals, reportable events, and to closure. The user can easily navigate through versions of the protocol over its lifecycle. The Activity Log records actions taken throughout the life of the protocol.


Manage committees easily. Share agendas, meeting minutes, and correspondence directly from the software.


Configurable notifications are available for renewal reminders, expiration reminders, and expirations. Notifications stop being sent after the protocol renewal is submitted. Action-triggered notifications are available for approvals (of amendments, renewals, and protocols), submissions, required revisions, disapprovals, review of assignments, and other key actions.


Configure and apply watermarks to PDF protocol attachments to stamp protocol status and relevant dates (e.g. approval and expiration dates). The watermark for not approved or no longer approved protocols clearly indicates that the associated attachments are not an active version. Administrators are able to add any required administrative attachments to each protocol, so all documentation is stored together.


Benefits can stretch outside of Kuali Protocols if it is integrated with Kuali’s Sponsored Programs as part of the full Research Suite.

Proposals and awards can be configured to be populated into Protocols to track funding sources and congruence reviews, saving the researchers data-entry burden and increasing quality.

Efficient Review

Every good process allows for review and revisions. Kuali has set up an efficient review process that is designed to be clear on what actions are needed during the process. And because everything is kept within the software, the different versions are organized and easily identified and no emails are missed. There are several features that help make the review process smooth.


Researchers, administrators, reviewers, and department staff are able to configure their own dashboard to filter exactly the types of protocols they need to work on or track regularly. These filters can be saved so these disclosure lists are readily available for review or other actions.


A “Show Latest Changes” feature allows the user to see specific changes across sequential versions of a protocol. This feature allows reviewers and administrators to easily see changes made in response to reviewer comments or changes proposed in an amendment.


The commenting feature facilitates communication among administrators and reviewers. As reviewers go through disclosures, comments can be added to specific spots in the document and they can recommend dispositions at project and project-entity levels. When the disclosure is sent back to the reporter for revisions, it is very clear what actions need to be taken.


Configurable review checklists guide reviewers and documents the review of the protocol to help ensure reviews are complete and consistent based on the review level, study type, or other aspects of the protocol.

Community of Collaboration
Community of Collaboration


Kuali is a cloud-based software-as-a-service. We watch and anticipate regulatory and policy changes, and are able to act quickly in response to such changes. We do continuous delivery of new features and updates as they are ready. You are able to decide when these features are rolled out in your system, but you’re always able to work with the latest version, without waiting for time- consuming and costly annual upgrades.

Join Our Community


We believe in the power of collaboration. We have an open platform for any and all involved with research administration and compliance to come and join in. You don’t have to be a Kuali user to participate in conversations, ask questions and offer ideas.


When you purchase Kuali’s Research software, you can attend our user conferences, participate in Kuali Research User Groups in which customers share experiences and best practices, as well as get the opportunity to give direct feedback on feature development and future R&D.

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