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Kuali Compliance: Stand-Alone or Integrated

Whether you need a compliance solution that can run independently or integrate into your larger research system, the Kuali Compliance module provides the same robust capabilities.

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Kuali Compliance handles all of your needs when it comes to Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Protocols. Managing these as part of your larger research projects is imperative to winning and keeping research awards and giving you peace of mind that you could survive an audit.

Kuali offers its Compliance software to run independently, so this area of management can be separated from the research itself. It is also offered as part of our large Research suite, which includes our Kuali Sponsored Programs research administration software. Either way, Kuali Compliance has the same full functionality.

Because we know that managing compliance can extend beyond institutional research, we developed Kuali Compliance to stand on its own, delivering the same configurable technology and clean interface outside of the higher ed setting. This stand-alone product can integrate with any system currently in place so all your data can work together, to manage documentation when working in research in other verticals such as medical, government agencies, and private research and development. Kuali Compliance provides the same assurance with its SaaS delivery to any industry.

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Kuali Compliance: Stand-Alone or Integrated
The COI and Protocols Compliance modules seamlessly integrate into the full Kuali Research Suite, but they were designed with full functionality that to operate independently.
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