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Easy, Step-by-Step Functionality

Kuali Research software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use so that even infrequent users can jump in with minimal training.

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Easy, Step-by-Step Functionality

As your main focus, you understand your proposal development and how it should be managed inside and out. You live, eat, and breathe it. But much of the process involves individuals that will have limited interaction with the proposal, so a highly complex system that requires hours and hours of training could be difficult for a casual user who only is required to sign off on a single form.

We have designed the Kuali interface to make it easy to move through each step of the process. As we continue developing features, it’s important to us that the software makes sense to an individual who needs to jump into a particular section for review, even if they haven’t used the system for months.

From dashboards to reviews to approvals, the software clearly guides you through each step, with options to comment, approve, or return to the previous user for corrections. You’re also able to review the routing log, so you’ll know who’s already seen it and where it needs to go next. If you need to include someone else along the way, add an ad hoc approver at any time during the process.

When you don’t have the hurdle of learning a complicated system, the variety of people who have limited but necessary involvement in the proposal process can get in and do what they need to do without spinning their wheels in software that is hard to understand.

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