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Consistency Across Modules Reduces Training Needs

Complex software doesn't have to be complicated to learn. By developing all its modules on a shared platform, Kuali Research provides a consistent user experience that accelerates learning and adoption.

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Consistency Across Modules Reduces Training Needs

We’ve all heard that quippy answer to a simple problem in everyday life: “There’s an app for that.”

When it comes to software used for managing large data sets, there can be a tendency for the software to create more problems than it solves. Not only are the highly complex interfaces sometimes difficult to use, but they also require hours of training for users, often making it difficult to get buy-in from the people who will actually be using it. So the tech that was supposed to make everyone’s lives better has just made more headaches and you might end up with a very expensive dud.

Kuali Compliance puts a premium on user experience, so the people who are in the software every day aren’t burdened by learning yet another system. The easy-to-understand interface is the same from module to module, so whatever piece you’re working on—Conflict of Commitment, Conflict of Interest, or Protocols for biosafety, human or animal subjects—everything has the same look and feel.

And learning to use the software is not a large hurdle to get over. We work with our Kuali Community to understand their process and develop the software to match how users actually work inside the software, so it feels intuitive as you move through the various sections of the software.

Even users who have limited interactions with the software will have an easy time navigating to fill out and submit documentation or give approvals.

This ensures Kuali Compliance is truly making life smoother.

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