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Intuitive Compliance for Disclosures and Protocols

Kuali Compliance offers management tools for conflicts of interest, conflicts of commitment, and protocols surrounding human participants, animals, and biosafety. With your complex workload, you need a system that consolidates necessary tasks while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and promoting compliance, all with the ease you long for. Kuali Compliance is that system.

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What Can You Do With Kuali Compliance?

Kuali Compliance can be configured to capture the specific COI information your institution requires, allowing you to disclose any conflicts in a fraction of the time.
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Configure Kuali Compliance to prompt users for the COC info that is relevant to your institution’s research needs, and know quickly when existing commitments might keep you from being compliant.
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Adhere to 21 CFR 11 as you guide any research involving human test subjects toward IRB/Human Ethics compliance at all stages of the research management process.
Ensure that your institution’s animal research is IACUC/Animal Ethics compliant both pre-award and post-award.
Adhere to 21 CFR 11 as you guide any research involving human test subjects toward IRB/Human Ethics compliance at all stages of the research management process.

Helpful Features of Kuali Compliance

Configurable Forms

Through custom templates, each form is configured to guide researchers through the protocol and conflict disclosure requirements for their research and the processes of the institution itself, all while keeping sections that aren’t applicable to the individual researcher out of the way.


When conflict of interest or conflict of commitment disclosures enter the workflow, those reviewing or administrating can make comments and sort them right away, as well as add management plans and attach supplemental documents.


Set and customize notifications for different parts of the protocol and disclosure process. Whether a disclosure needs attention or requires further action, or the user needs to respond to comments, notifications can be configured to meet the needs of the individual and the institution.

Review Efficiently

Administrators and other users can easily configure their own dashboards to tailor their work space to the needs of their position and various projects. Effective filters ensure that each individual can focus on their own tasks without getting bogged down by everything at once.

Integration with modules & systems

Seamless integration with all Kuali Research modules, including Sponsored Programs and Export Control Management, as well as any external system like HR, Finance, Training, etc.

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful insights can be gained through intuitive dashboards and a library of both canned and ad-hoc reports.

And So Much More...

Institutions that use Kuali benefit from SOC 2 compliance, 99.9% uptime, Customer Support response times under 5 minutes, and so much more to ensure your success. See the full gamut of Kuali's support services in this Solution Overview.

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UC San Diego partnered with Kuali to create a state-approved process for electronically filling disclosures, thus simplifying the process to improve efficiency and compliance.
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