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Herding the Cats of Culture, Politics, and Policy While Managing Change at Your Institution

Creating a change-capable culture at your institution is a tall order. Whether you are onboarding new software and systems, or simply trying to improve processes around what you currently have in place, you’ve likely received push back. Hear from Dr. Helen B. Garrett and Jodi McKeeman who have been leading this change for the University of Washington.

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Challenges of Adopting a New Solution
Learn about the challenges University of Washington adminisitrators faced as they implemented a new curriculum management system.

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A Template for Success
See how the University of Washington change team navigated challenges and mitigated many more.

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Politics, Policy, and Change
Hear about how institution-wide and department-level policies affect software adoption, including how to work with policy makers to find common ground.

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Take a look at Kuali Student to streamline curriculum and catalog processes at your institution.

Herding the Cats of Culture, Politics, and Policy While Managing Change at Your Institution

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Murray State University saves 200 Hrs per Curriculum Cycle
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