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Do you know how your curriculum is interwoven and works together? Do you know how changes to courses impact the rest of your curricula? Kuali Curriculum Management provides visibility into your curriculum by showing the impact of a course change within the proposal. Experience this in a self-guided demo below.

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Provide Visibility Into Curriculum and Improve Graduation Rates

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Empower End Users

Users know the impact of a proposed course change from right within the proposal. Know how all connected corequisites, prerequisites, programs, and more will be affected by a change from the start of a proposal.

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Positively Impact Graduation Rates

Ensure courses within programs and degree pathways are accurate, efficient, and clear for students, advisors, and other stakeholders.

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Southern New Hampshire University Saves 3 Weeks of Manual Work
Paper-based curriculum processes are not a sustainable option. With the Kuali Student Suite, Southern New Hampshire University reduced time spent on manual tasks by 3 weeks per year.
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