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Streamlining Curriculum Management Processes

Curriculum management processes are critical and complex. While these processes serve a vital function, the complexity lends to challenges and inefficiencies. Despite the challenges and inefficiencies, the processes can’t be done away with. In this webinar, we’ll identify common curriculum process challenges, discuss ways to streamline these processes and wrap up with institution success stories.

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Peer-Led Discussion

Heather Anderson, Kuali Community Engagement Coordinator and former Registrar at BYU-I, leads the discussion around streamlining curriculum processes. Along with the institutional success stories, Anderson shares her own experiences working in the registrars office throughout the webinar.

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Top Challenges

This webinar discusses the top curriculum management process challenges institutions face as well as why those processes are important. Understanding the objective of the processes helps identify successful solutions.

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Successful Solutions

Finding successful solutions to curriculum management process challenges can be difficult and risky given the critical nature of curriculum. In this webinar, we’ll share successful solutions to curriculum process challenges and look at the impact of real-life applications.

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Institutional Success Stories

Learn how institutions have positively transformed their curriculum management processes using the successful solutions discussed in this webinar.

Streamlining Curriculum Management Processes

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