Dependencies Gadget

When managing curriculum, it’s important that what eventually ends up in the student course catalog is accurate and up-to-date. But when you’re working through curriculum change proposals, it can be time-consuming, or impossible even, to know how changes affect other programs. In fact, it can be years before a missed dependency comes to light.

Kuali’s Curriculum and Catalog’s dependencies gadget tracks all of the interrelationships such as program requirements and prerequisites.

When a user proposes changes to a specific course, Kuali’s software will notify the user of any impacts that change would make to other programs. This is set up to look across campus departments as well as modality, such as online or competency-based learning programs.

The dependencies gadget gives curriculum managers and faculty a clear vision of how the curriculum works within departments and across campus. This gives both sides time to address any issues early in the process and ensures your curriculum is accurate and clear, improving student outcomes and path to graduation.

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