Optimize COVID-19 Processes to Prepare for 2021

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Prepare for the future of higher education with Kuali Build's no-code platform. Access resources and learn how to optimize COVID-19 processes.

Reopening plans for the Fall semester forced institutions to quickly build and launch COVID tracking, tracing and reporting processes. While many campuses opened, these often digital processes lack necessary integrations, automation and centralized reporting.

Some institutions, like Davidson College, safely re-opened in-person through a robust and integrated COVID testing, tracing and reporting process, built and launched in 2-weeks. 15,000 submissions later, Davidson College continues to enable safe and healthy in-person instruction.

As campus leaders look ahead to 2021, campus safety remains the top priority for students, staff and faculty. A safe return to ‘normalcy’ requires robust, integrated and agile tracing processes enabling the quick sharing of clear data with decision makers.

Learn how to prepare your institution for 2021 by quickly optimizing your COVID-19 processes:

  • Learn how Davidson College, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Southern Connecticut State University quickly launched integrated COVID reporting processes
  • Understand how to transition your existing COVID processes into robust integrated forms, quickly launching reporting processes
  • Increase your institution’s agility with use of a secure, integrated and easy-to-use no-code application