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Davidson College’s Automation Portfolio

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Learn how Davidson College used Kuali Build to automate their academic portfolio review process and streamline faculty workload. Read the case study now.

Profile: Davison College 

Davidson College is a private liberal arts institution located in North Carolina. Davidson enrolls approximately 2,000 students, 95% of whom live on campus. Davidson supports 74 majors, minors, and interdisciplinary programs. 

Automation Portfolio

Davidson College’s business processes were ready for a remodel—most of them were paper-based. In 2019, Davidson focused efforts on digitally transforming these processes through a portfolio of automation solutions. 

Today, Davidson College’s portfolio includes the following solutions:

OnBase by Hyland

Davidson College uses the OnBase platform, and enterprise content management platform, for document-based processes that require robust image viewing capabilities.

For example, the accounts payable process is managed in OnBase because of the solution’s embedded digital file assets. Invoices are scanned or keyed into buckets with different routing rules applied based on the dollar amount and other attributes. Throughout the workflow, stakeholders can view, annotate, add metadata to, or comment on the scanned documents. 


Davidson uses DocuSign, and eSignature solution, for peer-to-peer document sharing and approvals. The processes managed in DocuSign are simple with minimal workflow steps.

Snap Logic

Davidson uses SnapLogic, an IPaaS solution, to transform and export data. SnapLogic was critical in Davidson’s efforts to help students and faculty return to campus safely after the onset of COVID-19

Kuali Build

Davidson uses Kuali Build, a no-code forms and workflow platform, for two reasons: to enable no-code development across campus for non-technical end-users and to provide a front-end user interface to automate application development within IT. Using Kuali Build’s intuitive user interface is faster than manually creating applications, which is a huge help to their small team. 

A no-code solution that nontechnical users can navigate is a common need across campuses. In fact, when Davidson’s digital transformation team interviewed faculty and staff about their forms needs, they found that a solution like Kuali Build could solve 90% of the institution’s forms needs. 

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