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Case Study: Murray State University Saves 200 Hours Per Curriculum Cycle

Murray State University needed a comprehensive solution to modernize their curriculum management process. With Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management, the institution has since received full institutional buy-in, improved data tracking, streamlined processes, and saved hundreds of hours for high-value employees.

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Transform Your Processes. Elevate Impact.

Save Time
Use integrations and dynamic forms to reduce time spent filling out forms. Use workflow to locate documents and a dashboard to call your attention to time-sensitive tasks.

Upgrade Ease of Use
Increase adoption with an easy to use tool. With Kuali Currriculum & Catalog Management, faculty and staff were using the tool effectively before participating in formal training.

Improve Governance
Automatically update other departments with notifications. Help them stay in-the-know by adding them to the workflow so they can see what's coming soon.

Vendor Partnership
Kuali partners with customer institutions to help you provide the best experience to your students, faculty, and staff.


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