Expand your research footprint.

Research dollars make a difference—to your faculty, to your institution, and to all of us—the people who benefit every day from the discovery of new knowledge.

Kuali Research helps institutions of all kinds simplify research administration processes with a grant management system that helps you make better decisions faster. With Kuali, you can speed funding, reduce risk, and work more efficiently to grow research volume.

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Kuali Research Product Overview

What can you do with Kuali Research?

With Kuali Research, you can manage the complete lifecycle of all your sponsored projects and ensure the highest levels of compliance and integrity.

  • Develop proposals more efficiently with intelligent routing and approval
  • Submit proposals directly to Grants.gov and Research.gov
  • Manage negotiations more effectively for faster awarding and better visibility
  • Manage award activity over the life of a project and integrate with your financial system
  • Track research activities across the institution for better oversight and control
  • Manage compliance, including COI, IRB, and IACUC

What can Kuali Research do for you?

Kuali Research can help you maximize funding with simpler processes for faster awarding.

  • Simplify research administration, freeing faculty to focus on what matters most
  • Improve proposal quality with pre-populated data fields and data validations
  • Understand how your sponsored programs are performing with out-of-the-box reports, easy lookups, and user-friendly ad hoc reporting

Kuali Research Solution Overview

Read the detailed product description including the features and modules offered.

Why Kuali Research in the Cloud?

Just a better way to get where you need to go.

  • Move Faster. No hardware, no deployment, no maintenance.
  • Be more productive. Delivered continuously, like Google. Always iterating and improving so your users have the best tools every day.
  • Get flexible. Choose just the functionality you need today, adding optional modules when you’re ready for them.
  • Secure your independence. Our code is open and your data stays with you. How’s that for an exit strategy?

Kuali Research Case Studies

Kuali Research, built by and for higher education, is a community-driven solution serving more than 40 participating institutions, including MIT, University of Maryland College Park, Utah State University, University of Illinois, Colorado State University.

We make it easy for you to engage with other community members. Some Kuali partners choose to participate in the strategic leadership group to drive product development priorities. Other Kuali partners prefer a simpler role–taking advantage of the Kuali cloud or on-premise implementation and maintenance.

Whatever your needs, you take your place as a member of this vibrant, accomplished community.

Portland State University

Needed a cloud-based research administration solution with electronic proposal routing and awards tracking.


Towson University

Needed a research administration solution the simplify pre-award, post-award and compliance management.


Coastal Carolina University

Their search for an affordable, turnkey grant and research management solution led them to Kuali Research.

Coastal Carolina University Research Administration Software


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